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Home Remedies For Cough

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Weather changes normally happen within the shift of dry season into rain season in which it does greatly affect to health. As a result, someone with the bad immune system will fall into sick and suffer from various kinds of diseases such as flue, fever, cough and some other diseases in relate with human digestive system.

home remedies for cough

Among the frequently occur diseases, cough might be the most frequent disease suffered by many people, since people eat very kinds of foods including of greasy foods. Nevertheless, there are many home remedies for a cough if you do not want to take some medicine commonly prescribed by your doctor. Moreover, taking home remedies for a cough are much safer than the pills since they do not contain of chemical substances and as result, many people takes home remedies for a cough for a long period of time.

Cough, basically is sort of disease caused by the foreign irritants such as mucus that come into the throat and create the unpleasant feeling. Someone who suffers from cough has different period of time to get recovered, since human system plays the big role in dealing with it.

remedies for a cough

When you have a cough that lasts for three weeks, it can be said that you have acute cough. In contrast, when your cough lasts for more than four weeks, you are considered as having subacute cough. As the prevention to have these persistent cough, these home remedies for a cough below can be taken into account as the alternative solutions to get rid with it:

1. Consuming honey

One of the home remedies for a cough that will help you to soothe your throat is a spoonful of honey since it has been scientifically proven by some scientists. A study conducted at Penn State College of Medicine reports that honey has been categorized as the one of home remedies for a cough since the high viscosity and stickiness help to coat the irritated mucous membranes. Besides, the anti-bacteria enzyme produced by the bees when harvesting the honey from flowers will help you to shorten the period of cough if the bacteria cause your cough. To get the benefit of honey as the herbal solution to get rid of your cough, these following steps of home remedies for a cough will lead you to use honey appropriately.


Ingredients : A spoonful of raw honey

Directions : Take a spoonful of raw honey one or three times a day to soothe your throat and to cure the irritated mucus membranes. To get speedy recovery, you are suggested to take the honey before sleeping if you have a problem with disruptive cough when sleeping. For children, you can give then a teaspoonful up to a spoonful of honey.

2. A tasty licorice root tea

Some of home remedies for a cough apparently can be found in your own kitchen. If you are quite familiar with licorice root, a sort of ingredient commonly used as flavoring in food, you can take a benefit from that material, since it can be functioned as expectorant and demulcent that will help you to deal with the thinning mucous membranes and easing the congestion. In addition, the chemical substances named as glycyrrhizin also plays the role to ease the inflammation occurred in throat and the degree of sweetness contained in licorice root is 30-50 times sweeter than sucrose. To use this herbal medicine as home remedies for a cough, you are urged to follow these directions.


Ingredients : 2 spoonful of dried licorice root, a glass of fresh water

Directions :

  1. Boil the water in 100 degree Celsius and put the dried licorice root in a mug.
  2. When the water has boiled, pour it into the mug and wait up to 15 minutes.
  3. Take it all at once two times a day.

3. Have gargle with salt water

Among the home remedies for a cough commonly used by people, this free-chemical medicine will show you how the salt water works to ease the discomfort in your throat. As you know that the salt water helps to reduce the swollen cells in throat when the concentration of salt outside the cell is higher than inside the cell. Moreover, this home remedy is also good to deal with the inflammation tissues. In purpose to use the salt water as one of the home remedies for a cough, you are required to follow these steps.

Ingredients : 1 teaspoonful of salt, a glass of warm water

Directions :

  1. Pour the salt into the warm water and stir it well.
  2. Gargle with the salt water for 15 minutes then spit it out
  3. Do it again with the remaining salt water and rinse your mouth with the plain water

4. Inhaling the herb steam

Another option functioned as home remedies for a cough is inhaling the steam produced
by the boiled herbs. Taking this option will give you a hundred percent guarantee of miraculous medicine to deal with congestion, cough or fever. The containing chemical substances such as anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial will do best for you to create pleasant feeling when inhaling. To use these blend home remedies for a cough consisting of herbal substances, this following ways will lead you to sooth your airways and kill the bacteria.

Ingredients : 3 drops of tea tree oil, 2 drops of eucalyptus oil, a sufficient water in bowl, a clean towel

Directions :

  1. Boil the water in the bowl in 100 degree Celsius and pour it back into the bowl
  2. Add all the three types of oils into it, then stir for a moment
  3. Put the towel over your head and lean over the bowl in certain distance
  4. Breathe deeply to inhale the steams
  5. Do it two or three times a day

5. A combination of pepper and honey

Among those home remedies for a cough above, you are also recommended to use this home remedy in which it combine the black pepper and honey. Being known as the most famous spices traded in this worlds, black pepper can be functioned to reduce the bad effect of cough and chest congestion. These two herb ingredients containing in these substances are good for you when suffering from cough, since the anti-bacteria substances in both black pepper and honey are believed to deal with cough. If you want to make the combination of honey and black pepper as home remedies for a cough, you can follow these instructions below.

Ingredients : 1 teaspoonful of black pepper, 1 spoonful of honey, a sufficient hot water

Directions :

  1. Put a teaspoonful of black pepper and a spoonful of honey in a glass
  2. Pour the boiling water into it and still it well. Wait for 10 minutes
  3. Take it all at once and do it one up to two times a day

Persistent cough is a condition when the inflammation in the mucus membranes occurs and if create the discomfort in the throat. This condition is actually caused by many things such as the bacteria, continued smoking, asthma or any others. To deal with that problem, there are numerous home remedies for a cough that quite safe for your health.

The natural substances containing in every herbal medicine positioned as home remedies for a cough has been medically proved to help the people with cough. If you are wondering how to create home remedies for a cough, the five remedies above can be taken into account with one works best.

By using the home remedies for a cough, you are no longer necessary to visit your doctor for taking drugs, but if your condition does not get better in three weeks, you are strongly recommended to visit the hospital for further treatment.

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